Virtual Events The safer, better way to get together.

The global pandemic has restructured the way we work in many ways – it’s not just working from home. It has made us relook at the way we define employee value proposition, events like annual days and other learning, bonding and organization wide cultural/sports/activities to bring people together in a social setting.

About Virtual Events

In the current scenario, we have redefined ourselves as a virtual event agency – the idea is to offer services where there’s a safe space to conduct a scaled-down version of an on-ground event such as a company annual day.

As a virtual event organizer, our realm of work includes organizing the leadership group to broadcast from home or a green screen studio, organize performances such as dance, music, comedy, plays and other cultural activities. In the last one and a half years, we have also identified other factors that make seamless delivery of content possible.

Broadcast design is a major development in the realm of virtual event management. The idea is to create content that engages people in different locations such as homes, office locations, etc. An example would be a virtual Town Hall happening in Bangalore where we could ask participants across the country to ask questions. These questions are curated and later there’s a session to address these questions.

When it comes to virtual, it’s also about packaging the content because there are a lot of venues in the online space such as YouTube and other channels for people to engage with. In these times of short attention span, clever packaging of content makes sure that people stay longer. This is crucial for the success of any interaction or engagement as a virtual or hybrid event organizer.

In the future, hybrid events would be the norm with on-ground events being live broadcast and online participants engaging with this content. The content will also be made exclusively for this type of audience apart from what’s happening on ground.

What all included in Virtual Events?


Studio Infrastructure and other logistics

A virtual event organizer makes sure that there’s a well-equipped studio with lights, sounds, internet and power backup to organizer a virtual/hybrid event of a certain duration – this can be anywhere from 1 hour to 5 hours.


Broadcast design

With the evolution of the hybrid events space, we have also gained expertise on lining up content for broadcast – this includes themed screens, animated screens, cueing of broadcast from different locations and ensuring seamless delivery.


Content creation

In terms of content creation, we make sure that we have experiences anchors to conduct events such as entertainment modules with games, scoring, giveaways, etc. We also make sure that there’s a camaraderie between the anchors/MCs and participants.

Our Work

Employee Annual Day

Client:India’s top IT Services and solution provider

Activity Category: Internal Employee Activations – Annual Day Event

Market Intelligence Activity

Client: One of India’s largest building solution provider

Product: Across Board

Activity Category: Channel Marketing/Sales

Developer Conference

Activity Category: Developer Meet

Client–One of the world’s top open source technology provider

Our Clients

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