Social distancing is the new norm, at least for the next 6 months to a year. Your brand could still reach out to customers/potential customers cycle through seamlessly hosted webinars. The best part is, content created through webinars could become your marketing material in turn!

Virtual Events

Customer behaviour will undergo a tectonic shift in the coming days. This is where virtual events come in. A mix of live and scripted content with flawless broadcast design, our audience will enjoy interacting with their favourite thought leaders/artists and network with relevant people across the globe.

Digital Demand Generation

A new channel for your marketing endeavours, we could help with monitoring websites, blogs, social media, search, communities, paid search and online advertising to get quality leads that convert to revenue-generating transactions.

Digital Brand Building

Digital branding is the concept where branding is applied to digital media and technology to directly communicate and engage with them over their devices. It’s about finding a unique emotional spot within the audience mind for an unfair advantage over the competitors. A brand that truly resonates with consumers.


People google things. It’s very important to list yourself up there and create a presence where your website is easily picked up by Google to categorize, index and rank pages. We could help you with Google search results through meta descriptions/tags, site map/link submissions and other white hat processes.


With PPC, you only have to pay if an action is completed. It could be a lead, a click or even a sale. We help you get the best out of publishers and affiliates such as Google or Yahoo to promote your brand.

Social Media Marketing

By virtue of the shareable nature of social media content and user profiles, they are powerful tools in finding your customers to strike a meaningful conversation. Our job starts with narrowing down a specific demographic to reach out to the right audience and grow your brand.

Content Marketing

Be it video, blog, social media content, eBook, white paper or emails, we can create and promotethese assetsto reach the right audience. We will also make sure that we tell your story to as many people as possible within a certain demographic and geography.

Database Management

Collaborate with us to use databases of customers or potential customers to send out personalized communication. Leverage our expertise to mine data and zero in on prospects to get quality leads/loyal customers.


To complement all marketing tactics, we have a team of telemarketers who can further prime and qualify your prospect with calls. This will help you translate your list of prospects to quality leads.


Reputation Management

With the global pandemic scenario, the last thing you want is your brand getting affected by negative publicity or feedback. Let the PR machinery swing into action and mitigate the situation with empathy, understanding and ready solutions.

Email Marketing

Reach more people with email marketing. Turn prospects into customers email marketing and one-time buyers into loyal customers.

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