Semi Urban and Rural Promotions

Client: One of India’s largest building solution provider

Product: Semi Urban and Rural Promotions forRoofing Solutions

Activity Category: Channel Marketing/Sales


  • Create a high brand recall of the product line among its TG across key existing markets in Maharashtra state by placing the product line directly in front of the customers for them to feel and experience it in a very interactive way.
  • The objective was also to activate dealers to sell more and sell better


  • The entire activity had to be executed and implemented within 7 days.
  • The canter vehicle with product installations and branding was to be fabricated in record time
  • Understand aptly the geography,time and knowledge of the market because of a vast market structure and its in-depth socio-cultural implications.
  • Comprehending and analysing the product in 2 days, for whichspecialised training was given to the promoters.
  • Implementing highly effective route plans in association with the Dealers that were supposed to touch base with the maximum number of dealers and end customers
  • 15 dealer outlets were to be targeted at each region. 7 Such regions were to be targeted across Maharashtra for a period of 7 days
  • Permissions from the Local Authority within such short timelines as well as Installation and implementation without damage to the products installed inside the canter


  • As time was the crucial factor, we divided the regions into 2 different parts,
  • We conceptualised and strategized the entire geography by doing a proper recce, meeting dealers across regions and product training with mock-up drills, all of which were done within a short period of 2 days.
  • We developed a SOP and got same Uniform reports which helpedus in conducting a flawless post analysis report.
  • A completely branded vehicle equipped with the latest product line from the Roofing Solutions line was fixed
  • MC driven activities were conducted at all locations to generate crowd and create customer interactions. Feedback was take and giveaways were distributed to all participants


  • We achieved a massive sales outreach within a couple of days of implementation, as we followed the SOP protocols set at the beginning of the activity
  • Helped strengthened the client bandwidth by improving dealer relations and end customer
  • This campaign was successfully carried out in all the 7 regions
  • The success of this activity led to the plan being implemented across 15 states across India
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