Off Road Anarchy

Activity Category: Adventure Sports

Client – Xarm IP


Offroad anarchy was created to provide adventure enthusiasts with a platform to experience thrill and adventure. The 1st edition was conducted in 2016 near Kanakpura Road, in the outskirts of Bangalore. The idea was to use mountain cycling as the medium to provide thrill seekers with a medium to experience adventure at a place near Bangalore


  • This was a one-of-its-kind event as mountain cycling was never done at such a large scale ever before in South India
  • A rugged cycling circuit had to be identified
  • Safety was a primary concern as the landscape was rugged
  • It had to be a ticketed event as we wanted to ensure that the right kind of participants entered the event.


  • 22 Kms of off-road circuit was identified and modified for cycling in the outskirts of Bangalore
  • Received sponsorship from brands such as RedBull, Fujitsu and VMware
  • Social media marketing to generate participation
  • Celebrity endorsement through Ishani Shetty, Kannada Movie Star

Result The event was extremely well received. We will be launching the 2nd edition of the event soon