Market Intelligence Activity

Client: One of India’s largest building solution provider

Product: Across Board

Activity Category: Channel Marketing/Sales


  • Market intelligencewas the primary objective of this activity. The idea was to identify new dealership opportunities, understand the channel network better across all regions and sub regions of the Kerala market by conducting a market research activity.
  • This was also done to gather intelligence create an explosive entrance for a new line of product that the client was introducing into the market


  • Time factors and brand reach without missing out any contact points.
  • Knowledge of the geography and site demographics
  • Manpower Sourcing
  • Standardised the process
  • Finalizing the route map as there were multiple dealers and sub dealers to be targeted across every nook and corner of Kerala


  • We went through an intensive self-guided training module, acquired the appropriateknowledge and brand guidelinesabout the product to enable our team to handle the crisis without depending on the client.
  • To get the right result we had to double up the team strength.
  • Multiple branded vehicles were used to conduct direct surveys. All survey forms were technology enabled using tablets and internet to ensure immediate updation of data and data analysis
  • Mystery Shopping was also conducted in select locations to understand the ground realities better


  • The data collected was extremely helpful in furthering the market penetration of different product lines
  • Ground realities in terms of actual customer and dealership challenges were understood and gaps identified
  • New dealerships were identified and existing dealerships were ramped basis the data analysis gathered which helped in increasing sales rapidly.