Internal Rewards and Recognition Event

Activity Category: Internal Rewards and Recognition Event

Client – India’s top IT Services and solution provider


The event is the top rewards and recognition platform for our client. The awards is an aspiration for thousands of employees working across the world. Every year, the awards event has something extremely unique to showcase in terms of the set design, the format and the ambience. The event was broadcasted live to all locations across the world


  • To convert a large office cafeteria into a venue worthy of such an awards event
  • Create a theme which employees would have related to and remembered
  • Create event content using internal employees which is very unique and showcases the talent to other employees from across the world


We created a theme around sustainability which is the need of the hour today. We used the pillars within the hall to create large trees with huge trunks and leaves. All the walls were converted to create a forest look and feel.

We curated the content to create an event show flow which showcased the talent at the particular campus where the awards were happening. All the performances were choreographed to create a complete musical sequence.

There was an external celebrity involvement which added more value to the overall event.


The creative design, planning and its execution were well appreciated, by the team, making it a historic success. The event was showcased in EventFaq’s which can be accessed here