Employee Annual Day

Client:India’s top IT Services and solution provider

Activity Category: Internal Employee Activations – Annual Day Event


  • Creating an exhilarating experience, similar to some of the largest event extravaganzas in India for the employees and their families during our client’s annual day gathering.
  • Create an annual day event that makes them each and every participant feel special.


  • Creating an event for 15000 people
  • Understanding and creating the whole event structure and format
  • Rallying sponsorship to create parallel funding mechanisms for the event.
  • Create a special team which had to then do a market research into finding the sponsors.
  • Finding out space within a short radius from the client’s campus
  • Shortage of time, findingsome right suppliers, finding out venuethematic as there was a limited space allocated as the event area
  • Making the venue adept for the event without straining the budget allocations
  • Setting up and initialising the backend team which was proficient as the front-end team.
  • Getting the right artiststo perform within a short period of time.
  • Getting internal team performances scrutinized and choreographed and make them stage ready
  • Onsite crowd management and project planning for better time management & resource allocation
  • Ensuring the safety & security for the Event.



  • We have been successfully managing this event extravaganza in Bangalore and other cities since the last 6 years