Employee Activation Program

Client: Once of India’s largest eCommerce Company

Activity Category: Internal Employee Event and Offsite


Our client, being an unconventional and contemporary shopping brand didn’t want go the conventional way and were looking for out of box creation, which engaged employees in a creative way.


We gave them a 2-pointsolution.

  • After scoping the location, the atmosphere around the employees, it was already demarcated as an apt holiday zone.
  • We wanted to go the unconventional way, where we assumed that the employees will think of a team building session within the resort or premises and we surprised them with an amazing race which started right after they landed at the airport.

The idea of the game was all about travelling and exploring new locations, engage and experience each location and team building. The game was layered wherein the completion of first stage unlocked the key for second. This was helpful for the employee to know about the locality as well as each other and the journey began before they reached their resorts.


  • Lots of man hours were required to monitor the event.
  • Recce of the event location and the complete neighbourhood
  • A simple detouring was required, as a mock drill to understand the game and event.
  • Safety and Security of the employees had to be considered during the race.


The final motive of the client was to build a stronger team bonding amongst the employees, which was achieved flawlessly.