Exhibitions and Tradeshows

The numbers say that 60-70% deals are decided at exhibitions and tradeshows. The reason is, you get a captive audience that come with a specific purpose. Exhibition agencies make sure your stall design is top notch and it’s engaging enough for people to take notice.

About Exhibitions and Tradeshows

Ever wondered why some of the booths and stalls stand out at tradeshows? No points for guessing – they are conceptualized, designed and executed by exhibition management companies. Some of the trade show booth design companies have their own engineering and fabrication units. Exhibition design companies follow architecture, 3-D graphic and structural design principles to come up with booths and stalls that align with the brand guidelines such as colors, shapes and their communication strategies. It’s also the mandate of the trade show management companies to come up with ideas to engage people. This could be anything to do with technology to show demos or brand content, small-scale activations, live performances, artists or other techniques.  With 12 years of experiences, we have catered to brands including RedHat, VMWare, Everest Industries, Tech Mahindra and some of the best real estate companies. As an exhibition design agency, we’ve carved a niche for ourselves among top corporates and brands in Bangalore and across the country.

In terms of concept and execution, our design studio makes sure the design is in line with the objective, brand guidelines and most importantly dimensions so that it adheres to the rules laid down by the exhibition venues. As an exhibition design company, the basic requirement is to show the best version of the brand in a physical manifestation such as a booth, stall and how the personnel at the stall interact with people stopping by. We also make sure that stalls are ergonomically designed for the hosts and the visitors alike with storage spaces, ample space for displays with good view from all angles, brochures, displays for demos and brand colors and taglines with important features/benefits displayed in line with the brand guidelines.

What all included in Exhibitions & Tradeshows


Concept, design and execution

We make sure our design is in line with brand guidelines. We believe these are significant brand manifestations that need to stand out from the rest of the brands at an exhibition space or other avenues.


Logistics and Safety

As an expo agency, we liaise with exhibitions venues and organizations to communicate and follow the process in terms of structural safety, permissions and other paperwork involved.


Ensuring footfalls and engagement

From creating engagements like MC engagements to grab attention with interactions, engagements and giveaways, as an event management company, we look at different ways to get people to interact with the brand and personnel at an exhibition.

Our Work

Employee Annual Day

Client:India’s top IT Services and solution provider

Activity Category: Internal Employee Activations – Annual Day Event

Market Intelligence Activity

Client: One of India’s largest building solution provider

Product: Across Board

Activity Category: Channel Marketing/Sales

Developer Conference

Activity Category: Developer Meet

Client–One of the world’s top open source technology provider

Our Clients

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