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Be it an annual day or an engagement to help employees bond, maybe you are trying to reach out to the channel partners or customers through a meet/marketing outreach, there are great ways to connect and design experiences that they remember. An event agency would be your best bet in this scenario. With a cumulative experience of 40+ years, we are one of the best corporate event management companies in Bangalore.  Experiential marketing, along with brand activation, is all about getting your brand to interact with people directly. By deploying certain ideas, resources and other techniques, the idea is to help your brand create top of the mind recall. Typically, an experiential marketing agency, executes a brand campaign – an idea, a tagline or messaging that aligns with the brand’s overall strategy or a periodic strategy. Experiential companies also come up with tactics on their own to reach out to customers or potential customers.

About Event Management

With a dynamic team of event planners, conceptualizers, writers, storytellers, visualizers, designers, client servicing personnel, production designers, operations managers and event stylists, our corporate event management agency strive to create experiences for different kinds of audiences. For any event management company, the plan begins by defining the audience. They can be employees, channel partners and potential collaborators, investors or customers. Reaching out to existing customers and creating exclusive experiences comes under the mandate of an event organizer company or a corporate event company.


With a range of services including Annual days, Townhall/Everybody’s Meetings, employee engagements during festivals and other special occasions, other special days or weeks, we can pull off events and engagements seamlessly. For example, we created a recurring engagement called Mad Over Mondays to help people beat the Monday blues. The employees found cupcakes at their workstations when they came in to work at the start of the week. The following week, there was a session to pet some furry friends including a couple of adorable dogs and friendly cats.

As a corporate event management company, we design meets, webinars, outreach programmes and other experiences for channel partners both online and on-ground. An event management company provide end-to-end solutions that map the journey of a participant of a meet from reaching out through invitations, calls, registrations logistics such as travel, airport and other commute, hotel stays, experiences at the meet, gifting, creating networking opportunities with the programming and followups.

A part of corporate event planning is offsite events for employees of an organization. With attention to detail and meticulous planning, our corporate event management department try to put together an experience that works for the organization in terms of the culture, budgets and design programming around entertainment, rewards and recognition and make sure there’s great participation among the employees in the programming to create a memorable experience. The destination itself becomes and experience with opportunities and itinerary planned around opportunities to experience the sights and sounds of the place.

When a brand wants to reach out to its distributors, channel partners or to create a networking ecosystem among these entities, they go to an experiential marketing agency. From selecting mediums, branding, logistics, communication content, reaching out to potential participants for the interaction and creating experiences that align with the brand vision and strategies, experiential marketing firms make these experiences engaging, exciting, fun and most importantly, memorable.

What all included in Event Management


Creative Services

These include theme with logo creation, key visuals, eDMs and extending the theme to other experiences. Our creativity, design thinking and ideas work perfectly for your budget with seamless execution guaranteed.


Event Planning

From liaising with the client and understanding the requirement to executing the event on ground with various stakeholders and vendors, we provide end-to-end event execution.



We make sure that operations such as logistics, transportation, creating setups including carpentry, lights and sounds, stage design & execution, safety, health, security, hygiene, housekeeping and parking.


Photography & Videography

We cover events and post event videos/pics are created for circulation and archives.



We coordinate with the various stakeholders on the client’s side to understand the event flow, how to design and sequence content and stitch it all together to create an engaging, memorable experience.


Hybrid events & marketing

We have studio setups where an on-ground event can be broadcast for online consumption with content that suits this audience.



Market storming and Ambient Marketing

Market storming is all about connecting with the distributor or retail network, strengthen relationships, take ground-level feedback and look for more branding opportunities.

We cover events and post event videos/pics are created for circulation and archives.


Guerilla marketing

The idea behind guerilla marketing is to create an experience for people that creates a strong connect with the brand. This could be people interacting with each other, playing a game or experiencing something out of the ordinary.


Social media integration

Whenever we think of ideas, we think that social media could be leveraged to get people, create content and going one step further, creating user generated content. Social media content can be broadcast or can be used for future timelines.

Our Work

Employee Annual Day

Client:India’s top IT Services and solution provider

Activity Category: Internal Employee Activations – Annual Day Event

Market Intelligence Activity

Client: One of India’s largest building solution provider

Product: Across Board

Activity Category: Channel Marketing/Sales

Developer Conference

Activity Category: Developer Meet

Client–One of the world’s top open source technology provider

Our Clients

Frequently Asked


Organizations are only coming back to offices with work from home being the prime mode of working. There’s nothing that can replace physical meetings, one-on-one meetings, experiences revolving around traveling and visiting new places and other memorable moments with peers, colleagues and meeting opportunities with other partners in the network. Creating an experience that people cherish for a long time and help in strengthening bonds between employees, an organization and its partners or customers is one of the most important ways in which a brand/organization can effectively communicate, nurture the culture of the organization, network better and reach out to potential customers and other stakeholders.

The first step is to understand the organization, its vision, short-term and long-term strategies, the tactics they are using for branding and marketing, the culture of the organization etc. With sit-down and one-on-one meetings, we try to understand the organizations and understand various perspectives from different stakeholders including HRs, marketing team, event team, internal communication team and the leadership group to understand and define objectives for an event. We propose a plan that includes the creative aspects such as event design, programming, artists, infrastructure, safety, logistics and catering along with the paperwork to organize the event including approvals from the authorities.
Our Client Servicing personnel constant communicate with the stakeholders and plan the event with close attention to detail including selecting venues, visiting the venue, estimating the cost, timing, production design, assigning vendors, artists management, dry runs, and other aspects keeping in mind the interests of the organization. Our production team work in tandem with the client servicing to create programming including an event flow, book artists and coordinate with the creative team, client servicing vendors to execute a production design based on approvals on design and budgets allocated.

The mantra is to plan, plan and plan to create a seamless experience. A week into the event, we allocate work to coordinators who become Single Point of Contacts (SPOCs) for aspects including stage/set production, backstage management, artist coordination, catering, logistics, lights and sounds, safety, event flow, show running, venue management, housekeeping, parking and other aspects.

Over the last 12 years, we’ve established ourselves to become one of the top event management companies in Bangalore. We are empaneled to service organizations including Tech Mahindra, RedHat, VMWare, Everest Industries, Flipkart, Amazon, Gupshup and a host of other big tech brands in Bangalore, Mumbai, New Delhi and Kolkatta.

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