Activations and Promotions
Get your brand to talk to people!

Mass media such as print, TV, radio, magazines and PR is definitely the way to go when it comes creating brand awareness. However, it makes more sense to go to people directly, introduce a product/service, get the reaction on ground and re-strategize. That’s where a brand activation agency and BTL marketing comes in. Activations and promotions play a very significant part in driving this.

About Activation & Promotion

As a BTL marketing agency, from distributing leaflets to creating installations that grab attention, the idea is to interact with the customers or potential customers. By creating something surprising or an activity that people can participate in, they associate this experience with the brand and creates top of the mind recall.

Imagine the scenario where you have a brand new product or there’s a lineup of products. The idea is to create a lot of buzz in the market through PR and other media. This is where a product launch agency comes in. From conceptualizing the launch to arranging the logistics and executing the launch end to end, we are one of the most reputed BTL marketing agencies in Bangalore

BTL activations and promotions agencies also look at sampling activities, getting responses and feedbacks on the product. This is the best feedback a brand can get for a product/service more than taking feedback from a small sample size and presumptive analysis.

An activation company also understands the logistics, legalities and managing resources for country-wide campaigns that happen simultaneously or one after the other. An example for this would be a roadshow for a brand in tier 2 and tier 3 cities.

With 12 years of experience and expertise working with some of the most recognizable brands, Xarm has created a niche for itself as one of the premier brand activation companies in Bangalore and the state.

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What all included in Activations & Promotions


BTL Activations

This includes truck branding and roadshows, popup shops for brand activation, leaflet distribution and sampling by leveraging innovative ambient and gorilla marketing ideas.


Product Launch

Conceptualizing, designing and flawlessly executing product launches with PR and social media integration to amplify the message. The idea is to increase the reach multifold.


Promotions with social media integration

The idea here is to conceptualize an idea onground, get people to participate, capture this one video and create content for social media to get more reach.

Our Work

Employee Annual Day

Client:India’s top IT Services and solution provider

Activity Category: Internal Employee Activations – Annual Day Event

Market Intelligence Activity

Client: One of India’s largest building solution provider

Product: Across Board

Activity Category: Channel Marketing/Sales

Developer Conference

Activity Category: Developer Meet

Client–One of the world’s top open source technology provider

Our Clients

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