We all know webinar is a tool to connect with a wider audience and promote business. Webinars is a great lead magnet which works better than most other marketing assets. A typical webinar format involves presentations followed by a Q&A session. A webinar is audio-visual, personal and immersive in nature, which is why prospects find it easy to consume the information presented to them. But there are some aspects that we need to keep in mind to ensure that you get the best out of webinars.

A webinar is not a sales pitch

A webinar is a great opportunity for the brand to talk about the value it brings in for its customers. Showing this value is also the reason why webinars are a perfect opportunity to sell. But here is the golden rule, value comes first and the content is tailored in line with this. Outline the pain points of your customers to connect with them. This is where you bring in your low-key pitch by showing them how they benefit with your solution. End the presentation with a recap of the topic.

Interaction Matters

Hosting a webinar is like watching the news on the television. There are so many distractions that it is quite easy for attendees to change channels. The secret recipe to retain focus? Interaction! Make sure that there are enough polls, surveys and feedback sessions in your webinar to ensure that attendees are engaged throughout. Also, these modules should be seamlessly integrated to the actual topic of discussion so that nothing stands out. 


Adding interactive discussions goes a long way in creating value for your customers. Apart from the main presentation and the low-key pitch, also include a panel discussion with some senior members of your organization, an external subject matter expert and a moderator. Panel discussions are always viewed as great content by customers/attendees. Also, encourage the attendees/participants to make a presentation themselves. It will go a long way in not only engaging your audience but also involving them, adding to the credibility of the exercise.


Gift all the attendees at the end of the webinar. It will be a gesture attendees are less likely to forget in a long time to come. Also, look into the camera – make them feel you are talking directly to them. During the course of the interaction, address your attendees by their names and have small conversations to make it personal. Get them to on air to ask questions. It would be thrilling experience for a lot of people to ask questions in front of a gathering even if it is virtual!


This is an absolute must. At least a day prior, please ensure that the organizing team comes together to test out the system. Check internet speeds of the host and the presenter, check slide transitions, rehearse the lines, engagement tactics and panel discussions if any.

Nothing beats a meticulously planned webinar in retaining existing customers and reaching out to new ones. Let us know if you are planning one.